Our Phyto-CBD Serum is a light, hydrating facial serum that leaves skin looking and feeling plump, firm and young. It has a light cucumber aroma thanks to pure cucumber
water, and can be used year-round for never-fail, on-demand skin hydration. The CBD we used is a CBD isolate made from biodynamically grown hemp. The other ingredient we built the Phyto-CBD line around is sandalwood nut oil. Different than sandalwood essential oil, this carrier oil contains a special fatty acid that aids in soothing damaged skin.

Phyto-CBD Serum also has:
● Botanical hyaluronic acid
● Aloe
● Panthenol
● Amino acids
● Hempseed oil
● Rosehip seed oil
The result is a serum that is deeply regenerative, firming, plumping, smoothing. And can hold its own next to the best high-end anti aging skincare out there.

Directions for Use: Apply to clean skin morning and/or night. Can be worn under makeup and layered with a lotion or cream. If layering, apply serum first.

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